The garden is my therapy; I go there for healing.

After my Mom died, I became paralyzed by grief, and fell into a deep depression. I had always been a hard worker and a proud Veteran, but I felt helpless. I lost all motivation, and became homeless, living on the River.  Isolation made my depression worse.

Happy, joyous and free!

I am a graduate of the Wallace House and former intern in their job readiness program. I grew up in San Francisco. I did my first line of speed at age 10 and my last at age 51. Today I know I used drugs to escape – to numb out.

A young mother’s story

I returned home to Northern California with my four children, so afraid and desperate. My van broke down right in front of the Wallace House Shelter. Some might call this divine intervention. I only knew I had no money, prospects, and almost no hope. With the assistance from the Wallace House, I was able to […]

Rita Hosking donates use of song “I’m going home”

Rita Hosking is an American composer and musician with a style described as “heartfelt”. Rita has graciously donated the use of her song “I’m going home” to our agency which she recently performed at a fundraising event. This song tells the story of a hard life – the experience of living without a place to […]