Rita Hosking donates use of song “I’m going home”


Rita Hosking is an American composer and musician with a style described as “heartfelt”. Rita has graciously donated the use of her song “I’m going home” to our agency which she recently performed at a fundraising event. This song tells the story of a hard life – the experience of living without a place to […]

Healing from Childhood Trauma

Beautiful Kerry

“When I first heard my Case Manager tell her story, it seemed like I floated around the room for a while. I felt such relief. I always believed there was something really wrong with me.  I carried so much shame.  I grew up in a violent and abusive alcoholic home.  I started running away and […]

What inspired me to give back to the community.

Wallace House made me and my children feel more than just a name on an application. The compassion and competent assistance I received, is what inspired me to give back to the community. I owe my life and children’s wellbeing to Wallace House.